Vijaya Nandasiri’s final film (pictures)
Aug 15, 2016 03:22 pm
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Vijaya Nandasiri’s final film (pictures)

Breaking News’ by Lucky Dias is the final film for the late actor Vijaya Nandasiri.

Produced by Dr. Arosha Fernando, this film was special for Vijaya as he had, for the first and last time in his 50 year career, had shaved his head for a film.

Vijaya played a double-acting in the film.

Arosha told Sri Lanka Mirror that Vijaya had made a great commitment for ‘Breaking News’.

His character in this film was different from all other films he had acted previously, the producer added.


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WijayaNLast3 600px 16 08 15

WijayaNLast4 600px 16 08 15

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