True Olympic spirit : 2 athletes help each other mid-race
Aug 18, 2016 12:09 am
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True Olympic spirit : 2 athletes help each other mid-race

An American runner has been praised as a true Olympian after stopping mid-race to help a fallen rival on to her feet.

Abbey D'Agostino helped New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin who was lying dazed on the track after the two entangled and fell in the 5,000m heats in Rio.

"Get up. We have to finish this," D'Agostino told her.

It was then Hamblin's turn to help D'Agostino, hanging back to encourage the injured American.

However, D'Agostino could not keep going as her knee had apparently twisted awkwardly in the fall.

She told Hamblin to go on as she collapsed on to all fours on the track. But the camera then came back to D'Agostino and she was back on her feet and running again.

Hamblin, who continued on as well, ran 16:43. D'Agostino, who has previously run 15:03 in the event, finished last in 17:10.02.


She waited at the finish line where they shared an emotional hug. This time, it was D'Agostino who was in tears and she was taken out of the stadium in a wheelchair.

"That girl is the Olympic spirit right there," said Hamblin.

Although the two runners failed to qualify for the finals they were reinstated as finalists by the organisers, if they are fit enough to race in Friday night's final.

Since then, the two have been praised much for their spirit and sportsmanship.

(pics : Dailymail)


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